History of the Blackjack Game

Blackjack is the most famous casino games online in world. It is the simple game to play where every player plays against the dealer. The blackjack is played as centuries & throughout the years it has actually gone through plenty of changes. Though researchers haven’t find the history very clearly but it is found that inception of the Blackjack occurred at 17th century.


Blackjack actually originated in the 17th century at France from the game named Vingt En Un that is very different from modern Blackjack in a few aspects. Not like in the modern Blackjack at Vingt En Un the betting was needed after each round & dealer had chance to double. Term Blackjack is actually evolved from the special pay out feature in Vingt en Un where one had the hand of Jack & Ace of spades.


In Italy the game named Seven and Half was actually played with help of the Regualr Cards & face cards. The face cards carried the half point and the regular cards carried 1 point and players were needed to attain 7 and half points. Players were actually ‘busted’ in case, they exceeded seven & half points. Term ‘Bust’ been used in the modern Blackjack actually came from the ‘Seven and half’.

North America

After the French Revolution Blackjack then became the famous game at North America. However, with growing expert gamblers using the Blackjack basic policy to win this game, government took decision to ban Blackjack in America in 19th century. Because of high restrictions game attained more popularity that lead to legalization of the gambling and at 1931 Las Vegas then came in existence.

Revolution of Blackjack

At 1953, Roger Baldwin then made first effort for studying Blackjack. At 1956 book called “Optimum Strategy in the Blackjack” was been published. It was first blackjack strategy developed from the statistics theory as well as calculating methods. At 1962 Edward O. published the book “Beat a Dealer” that was the polished edition of the Baldwin’s work. Work of Braun Julian, IBM employee was then published in second edition of the “Best dealer”.

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