Myths about playing Blackjack

Blackjack is the game that is played with lots of luck & planned strategy. In one day, the myth will grow. The legend will sprout up of nothing & morph in something bigger than life. Myth is very big that it will come back where it actually started. It is how myths of the blackjack began. Somewhere, in past, there are the winner who won a lot, so fast. As then, the players from across the world are prepared to win big bucks immediately. It is possible, however doesn’t happen very often as most of the gamblers believe.

Goal of game is getting close to twenty one

Players must have the clear concept in the minds that game of the Blackjack can’t be won just by getting close to twenty one. Instead objective of this game is beating the dealer just by getting the high hand than him. It happens several times that player wins the score 12 to 13 only thus it is not essential that the cards cloe to 21 will make the player win this game.

Dealer’s face card is ten

There are a few players who have the misconception that dealer’s face card is ten that is the wrong strategy, which players utilize. It is also known statistically in the deck thirty percent of all the cards are ten that implies the dealer has seventy percent chances to have other card. Thus, players must leave the misconception & play game according to basic strategy.

Counting the Cards helps to win this game

Players think that to count cards is the predictive theory that is not true. Results got from counting the cards aren’t always sure. It will increase the odds of winning in the long run. However, in case, player is the beginner then it isn’t advisable to use the strategy as it will not help him to make money.

Take the Insurance

Statistically in case, player takes the Insurance at early stage in the game than he actually tends giving 13% of the earnings to casino. Thus, it is been proved that having Insurance is the bad strategy in the Blackjack game.

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