Blackjack Odds & Probabilities

Like other casino game the Blackjack involves skills and strategies for winning. At blackjack relying on the luck & mathematical strategies isn’t enough, it is very important for the player to know probabilities and odds since this will increase the chances to win game. The blackjack is gambling game where probability of expected results is more that is how the players in the Blackjack can have higher winning options. Some of odds & probabilities in game of the Blackjack are provided –

Better benefit with the dealer and casino

The casinos have more benefit over player. Most of casino game give ~ 8% of the dealer and house benefit. Dealer gets the benefit since he is a last one for performing in this game. After some other players have actually taken this decision & some have busted comes in turn of dealer. With help of basic blackjack strategy players will decrease dealer and casino edge from eight percent to 0.5%. The blackjack is the casino game, which gives maximum chances to skilled players to have odds of this game in the favor. Card counting method helps smart players in manipulating the win and odds of the game.

2Card count Frequencies

Two card frequency is odds to be dealt in the natural black and decision hands and no bust from 2 card counts. So, according to 2card frequency percentage chances to get the natural blackjack in 2card count are around 4.8%, chances of the hard standing(17 to 20) are 30.0%, chances of the decision hands are 38.7 percent and chances of the no bust are around 26.5%.

Chances of busting on hit

It is important for the player to know probability to bust before hitting. Player must check out total in game of the blackjack so he may have the idea of chances of busting the hit. Various hand vales have the percentage of busting just like in hand value twenty one in case, player hits then chances of busting are around 100%, at 20 chances to bust are 92%, in 19 chances are around 85%, in 15% chances are 58%, in 12 chances are 13%, in 11 and less chances are 0%.